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2018 Fall Dairy Education Conference Presentations:


Dairy Plant Field Rep Training

Regulatory Update Kick-Off

Regulatory Update Part 2

Farm Center Overview

Innovation Center for US Dairy

Milk Pre-Cooler Plumbing Considerations

Interpreting Bacteria Counts



2018 Winter Dairy Education Conference Presentations:


Cheese Defects Caused by Bacteria - Terry Lensmire

Communicating Through the Thick and Thin - Nicole Barlass

DATCP Update

FARM Program Update - Jamie Jonker

Heat Loving Bacteria in Raw Milk - Dean Sommers

Milk Quality Troubleshooting - Dave Hamman

MSRO Update

Non-Animal Milks - Scott Rankin

OSHA's Agricultural Interest - Mary Bauer

PDPF - Deb Reinhart


2017 Dairy Education Conference Presentations


DATCP Bureau of Food and Recreational Safety Regulatory Update

Tracking Down Bacteria Sources - Dr. Reinemann

DairyProQ by GEA

NCIMS Update

NEW Water: Embarking on A New Era

Silver Creek Pilot Watershed Project

Plate Cooler Plumbing

Robotic Milking - Dr. Rick Watters


2017 Milk Quality Conference Presentations


ATCP 65 Farm Presentation

Dairy Plant Resource Manual (pdf)

Industry Appointed Tanker Inspector (ATI) - Is This A Good Idea For Your Organization? - Peter Hesprich

Elanco Presentation - Social Media

IMS Update - Michele Belling

Antibiotic Use on Dairy Farms - Dr. Pamela Ruegg
Penisula Pride Farms

NPE’s Facts, Alternatives and Solutions

Regulatory Update - Curtains

Regulatory Updates - Tim Anderson

Regulatory Updates - Jim Pikka

Regulatory Updates - Laura Traas



2016 Dairy Education Conference Presentations

Ag Inspirations - Sharing your front row seat to farming

ATCP 65 - Changes from ATCP 60 and 80

Industry Appointed Tanker Inspector

Milk Quality - A look outside the cow - Dr. Reid



2016 Milk Quality Conference Presentations:  
NMPF Decision to StopTail Docking by M. Gats Riddell NMPF-AABP (ppt)
What's New in 2015 PMO by Laura Trass, WDATCP (ppt)
Plate Cooler Scenarios by Laura Trass, WDATCP (ppt)
On Farm Crisis Preparedness by Brenda Murphy, WMMB (ppt)
Automatic Milking Installation by Tim Anderson, WDATCP (ppt)




Past Conference Brochures


2018 Fall Dairy Education Conference Brochure


2018 Winter Dairy Education Conference Brochure


2017 Fall Dairy Education Conference Brochure


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2015 WDPFR Conference Brochure


2014 WDPFR Conference Brochure



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2018 Winter Meeting Minutes


2017 Winter Meeting Minutes


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